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So I signed up as an artist for the Kingsman Mini Bang but I just checked and the miniumum word count for the fics are 5,000 words.
I haven't written proper fanfics in years - I think the last time I wrote longer fics was back in the Harry Potter fandom when I was like 14 or something and they were all in German. That one emo spiderman fic after the third Toby Maguire!Spiderman totally does not count.
Anyway I really think about signing up as a writer as well? I don't know...
Maybe I'll just start writing when I have some time this week, see how it goes, and if it looks like I can do it I am going to sign up.
I know for people who write a lot 5000 words probably seem ridiculous but damn I normally stick to art.

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I finally got around to start watching Parks and Rec.
And I freaking love the London episode.
I don't even know where to start.
Peter Serafinowicz.
Heidi Klum.
Ron in Scotland.
Andy ending up at Stonehenge. Which, I think, is the funniest!?
Especially because they say he took the wrong train to work and ended up there. Like, you literally have to take a train and then take a bus (or a taxi) to get there. You won't just end up there by getting off the train.
Andy, you fucked up big time. I wonder how huge Andy and Eddy will fuck this up /D

Oh, and that side comment that Andy lost 50 pounds by quitting beer - hilarious.
I wondered how they will explain Chris Pratt's weight loss and that was an amazing way to comment on this without making it a big part of the show.

Can't wait to watch the rest.

On opinions...

Why do some people just use the most famous opinion that exists to a topic and use it as their own just because it is the popular opinion? Especially when they have no fucking clue about the topic.

You have a brain and an internet connection. Use it!

Copy and Paste isn't as cool as you think.
If your peers don't like you for your opinion they probably aren't that good friends in the first place.

Band of Brothers
What a great show! I had a lot of people tell me it is not interesting and I should not watch it. But I am glad I didn't listen to them and watched it anyway.
To be honest, it wasn't what I expected. It is pretty slow-paced and I still think the interpersonal relationships are way to underrepresented in the show (which I get, though, since there are a lot! of characters). And that took a little getting used to. Especially since almost all shows these days rely on the characters, their development and the plot comes second.
Overall, though, it was a show that had just the right amount of documentary interwoven with entertaining tv-show. I really liked the interviews and the historical information at the beginning of each episode. I learned quite a bit and since I watched it with my sister a lot of interesting discussion topics came up while watching it.
It was a big part of restoring my interest for WWII history.

The thing that still fucks with my head is that I practically knew all of the actors. Wow.

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I wrote my exam today which means I can finally have one or two days off to do all the projects I was planning on doing in the last couple of weeks. Let's see if I am any good at sewing /D
And I will be able to watch Qissa in the cinema which was released last week in Germany. If you have not yet heard of that movie check out the imdb page [here].

Anyway, I still need to write a 10 page essay on a German novel but I guess, for now I am just happy that I finished most of the semester.

P.S.: Season finale of Night Shift is on tonight!! I am so excited :O

I don't speak English_LYDT

Les Yeux d'la Tête finally released their new single!!!
I absolutely fell in love with this song when they performed it on their concert last november!

Hald and Catch Fire

I am so damn happy the writers decided to make Joe bisexual. And I love it even more that Joe is not stereotypically depicted as the cheating asshole. Yes, Joe can be an asshole but he never cheats - at least not after he and Cameron are "officially" together.

I love that Bosworth punched that designer-twat in the face after he had asked whether Joe was queer.

Especially for a show set in the 80s it makes me happy they decided to show that Joe's last long-term relationship was with Simon, a black guy. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to downplay his character to his skin-colour! He seems like a cool guy and I am really disappointed that we probably won't see more of him.

Even though I am sure a lot of peope will disagree with me, I love it that he doesn't put a label on his sexuality.

The only thing I find really sad is that the on-screen relationship is with a woman and they never really show on-screen stuff between two guys. Like, that one time he obviously had sex with that guy he met at that meeting and we didn't really see Simon and Joe kiss properly.

Halt and Catch Fire is not perfect, I know that, but I sure as hell am happy that they decided to just make the main character bisexual and not have the mainstory revolve around that.
Representation matters.

To be honest, I do not understand why this show is not more popular. With Lee Pace as main character and the topic being computers especially.

EDIT: I am still a bit mad they decided to make Constantine straight even though he is bi in the comic books. (What else did I expect from David S. Goyer?) But since the show doesn't look too good I won't watch it anyway.


I just rewatched Atonement.

I did remember it as a really sad movie but DAMN I sobbed like a goddamn baby.
The story, the music and the cinematography keeps blowing my mind no matter how often I watch the movie.
It is high time I read the book. It has been waiting on my bookshelf to be read for about 2 years now but i haven't come around to do it.

Guess, I know what I'll do during my holidays.


Night Shift

Gosh, I am so darn happy that Drew finally decided that his relationship is more important than what his coworkers might think. And I am supercurious how everyone else will react - not just the hospital guys but Rick's army friends as well.
But for now I am just really happy that Drew and Rick aren't seperated anymore :D

Even though I am really psyched about next week's episode?!? That preview looked thrilling and I hope they all make it out alive!

I didn't know the 7th episode has aired yesterday as well. And now that I watched it... i am at a loss of words. OMFG!
I cannot BELIEVE that asshole shot Topher! And I swear to God, if they do not save him I will be forever sad! Not to mention his family. You can't just show us his awesome family and then kill him off D:
And it sure as hell will not help with TC's PTSD, which I hope they will address in the next episode and season.

About Drew: I am happy he confronted Kenny and asked him why he said "Drew is good at keeping a secret".
Normally in shows they just do not talk about it and it makes the whole situation WORSE. That's why I am really glad they did that.
I am a little sad that we didn't see more of Rick though.

Another thing I really liked was the fact that they addressed the problem of eating disorders and the stigma that comes with getting psychological treatment. In other shows it normally isn't addressed in a realistic and shocking kind of way like the Night Shift did it. I would love to see this to be a regular tie-in for the show. Just to show her progress and that it is possible to overcome eating disorders.

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I signed up for the Freebird and the Stucky Big Bang this year. I am so excited :D


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